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Repairs - It can save you money!

  • We can fix damage or replace parts as necessary.
  • Replacing may cost you more than you want to spend.

Modifications - We may be able to design a solution!

  • New TV or appliances don't fit?
  • Need a new appliance to fit in somewhere?
  • Want to make room for bar stools at your island?
  • Just want your space to work better?

Additions - Update your space!

  • Need something to match what you have?
  • New doors, drawers, knobs, pulls, roll-outs, dividers,and so much more.
  • We can match almost anything.

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modifications/deegan01.JPG modifications/deegandone02.JPG modifications/100812-04a-dp.JPG modifications/100812-03b-dp.JPG
modifications/100812-02a-dp.JPG modifications/100812-01b-dp.JPG modifications/100430-02a-jh.JPG modifications/100430-01b-jh.JPG
modifications/110329-02a-cf.JPG modifications/110329-01b-cf.JPG modifications/100812-06a-dp.JPG modifications/100812-05b-dp.JPG
modifications/100319-02a-tk.JPG modifications/100319-01b-tk.JPG modifications/100312-02a-ec.JPG modifications/100312-01b-ec.JPG
modifications/060722-02a-hg.JPG modifications/060722-01b-hg.JPG